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We are working hard on our new site πŸ‘·
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The story of us

Hey, we are Ivan and Adelya. Welcome!

We'd like to tell you a bit about who we are and how we came to be here. So let us tell you our story. We think it's pretty cool, but we'll let you be the judge.

Before Adelya and I became partners in life and business, we were actually competitors, each of us owning a digital ad agency. So it was through a business that we first met and fell for each other. We quickly realized that we share the love of many things – dogs, travel, new technologies, and enthusiasm for our work. Leaving any potential rivalry behind, we joined forces and set up a very successful home remodeling marketplace – INMYROOM.

Two more, much more important joint ventures came along – our sons Mark and Leon. And boy are they are beautiful!

Love of beauty – inside and out – is definitely something that Adelya and I share. We strive to create harmony in everything we do – in our souls, in our bodies, in the space and the world. And this passion, albeit indirectly, brought us to the idea of HABIT β€’ OF.

We are both very health-conscious and keen to explore new trends. Adelya and I have always supplemented our diets with vitamins, aiming to stay in optimum health as much as possible. In due course, we discovered that the vast majority of products available on the market leave a lot to be desired in the quality department. So if we wanted to buy something we would actually want for ourselves and our family, we'd have to be the ones to make it.

Another small but not insignificant piece of the story is that we noticed that the vitamins and supplements we had on hand always came in rather unremarkable, if not downright ugly packaging. So we always hid them in our medicine chest, as if they were something shameful.

But health and vitality are a good thing, not something you want to hide from view! This made us realize that the whole idea will have to be tackled from both ends – high quality and excellent design – so people could have the unique product that tastes and smells great, gives pleasure, and comes in the most beautiful, environmentally-friendly packaging.

Hopefully, this is something you will be holding in your hand very soon if you aren’t already.